Air-Vented Jackets

Air Vented Jackets are among one of the most popular categories of jackets. A subdivision of Summer Motorcycle Jackets, Air Vented Motorcycle Jackets incorporate large mesh panels to allow a high level of airflow into the jacket. As such, these jackets come in a wide variety of styles and types to match an equal diversity in riders.

Air vented jackets come in both textile and leather variants depending on the riding style they are intended to target. Textile air vented jackets are often seen among touring and urban riders since thanks to their superior cooling. Textile air vented jackets are usually made of a polyester / polyamide fabric with large ventilating mesh panels along the entire chest, under the arms, and in the back.

Leather Airvented Jackets, since they are less breathable, will be hotter than Textile Jackets. However, since leather is more abrasion resistant, these jackets will also be safer. Leather air vented jackets usually ensure airflow through a mix of perforations in the chest and back and ventilating fabric inserts in the sides, collar, and under the arms.

The level of protection offered by Ventilating Motorcycle Jackets depends on the style and intended use. Racing air vented jackets usually include external protectors in the shoulder and, depending on the jacket, sliders in the elbows. Nonetheless, all air vented jackets offer hard protectors in the elbow and shoulders and a pocket for a back protector.

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