Air-Vented Pants

For summer riders, Air Vented Pants are a great option that allows riders to stay cool and safe while riding. For different types of riders, these pants also come in different types of styles including leather racing pants, textile touring pants, and even urban pants for more everyday use. Though one thing does remain constant, the great level of ventilation thanks to ventilating mesh inserts spaced throughout the pants.

Textile Air Vented Riding Pants will offer the best ventilation during hot weather. Not only will mesh inserts allow more airflow, but the pants’ outer shell offers more breathability than leather. Usually, these pants’ outer shell is made of polyamide or polyester fibers that offer a high level of abrasion resistance. Usually, the mesh inserts on textile air vented pants are made of the same material and are located along the thighs and the cuffs. The knees are a high impact area, so they are usually specially reinforced and won’t offer as much ventilation.

Leather Air Vented Motorcycle Pants will be hotter than textile pans, though ventilating inserts will still offer some breathability. Instead of large ventilating mesh panels, leather pants usually feature a mix of perforations and ventilation panels for breathability. Perforations and ventilating panels on leather pants usually run along the inside of the legs, the back of the thighs, and the back of the calves. So, these pants are able to balance both airflow and safety.

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