Casual Boots

Casual Motorcycle Boots have become increasingly popular as they have begun offering a higher level of safety and everyday style. Casual Motorcycle Shoes try to blend in with a more casual sneaker style to let you walk or ride in the city in equal measure. Though this is still an emerging area of the market, it has been growing steadily to the point that any major manufacturer will have their own pair of shoes on offer.

Casual Boots are usually made out of a mix of leather and textile depending on what season they are designed for. Summer Shoes will generally include more textile to have improved ventilation and breathability. Usually, the fabric is composed of high performing materials such as Cordura, polyamide, Dynax mesh, and even abrasion-resistant polyester. Since these are casual shoes, the leather used is usually nubuck or suede, which have a more casual look. Though they are less abrasion resistant than full grain cowhide.

To achieve their everyday look, casual motorcycle street shoes usually sacrifice some safety for style. First, this means that casual boots usually go no higher than the ankle, which means you have less coverage overall. Second, casual boots usually come with less impact protection in the shoe itself. So, some shoes will only come with hard ankle inserts, while others may also come with toe and heel reinforcements. Lastly, it is important to also consider the closure system since large laces pose a hazard of being caught on your bike. However, to minimize this risk, some shoes include Velcro straps and other fastening systems.

Lastly, it’s important to keep in mind what conditions you’ll be using a casual pair of boots in. For example, many models are offered in either waterproof or perforated versions for riding in the rain or during hot summer weather.

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