Casual Jackets

Whether going out to run errands, to a meeting, or going out, a Casual Motorcycle Jacket offers a great balance of style and safety. Casual Jackets are designed to, in a word, look casual. This means that they often have toned down styles that you would be more likely to see on the sidewalk rather than the road. This focus on styling has made these jackets increasingly popular among café racers, urban riders, cruisers, and those looking for an overall retro look on their bike.

Casual Riding Jackets are often made from textile or leather depending on their style and their price. Leather Jackets often are made of cowhide or bison leather due to their high abrasion resistance and classic retro look. In comparison, textile casual jackets are often made to look like ordinary coats or hoodies. As a result, textile casual jackets are often waterproof and include removable hoods.

Whether it is made of leather or textile, most casual jackets only offer a basic level of protection. So, this includes shoulder protectors, elbow protectors, and a pocket for a back protector. These jackets rarely come with the option of a chest protector or additional forms of protection. So, casual jackets have made some trade offs in the name of their looks.

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