Casual Pants

Casual Motorcycle Trousers aim to offer riders the best of both worlds: a road safe pair of pants that can be worn easily on or off the bike. The classic version of Casual Motorcycle Pants is, of course, a pair of jeans, though this is not the only style available. Additionally, though they may mimic everyday clothing, these pants do come with CE level protection and will offer some abrasion resistance.

Given the very versatile nature of this pants category, there is an equally wide range of materials used. Nonetheless, the most common materials used for casual riding pants are Armalith, elasticated Denim, or Cordura. Of these three, Cordura is the most common throughout the motorcycle gear world since it is also used in Textile Motorcycle Jackets. Cordura is characterized by its Denim-like texture, high abrasion resistance, and high tear resistance.

Like any other pants category, Casual Riding Trousers come with a basic level of CE rated protection. This means that the pants already come with flexible knee protectors and a pocket for hip protectors, which need to be purchased separately. Though, depending on the pants, some trousers are offered with the hip protectors in the pants. Since Casual Pants are made with a greater focus on style, it is important to keep in mind that though they offer more protection than a normal pair of pants, they still are not as safe as most touring or racing pants.

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