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Off-Road Motorcycle Boots offer essential protection when you head for the dirt track. Many off-road bikers wear ordinary motorcycle boots for off-road riding and Enduro riding, but this is still not safe enough. A dirt trail hides a lot more dangers than a city road with loose soil, mud, rocks, and mud. Everyday riding shoes simply don’t compare to the safety of Off-Road Boots. If you love to ride off-road, then you need a good pair of boots with a firm and comfortable grip that will also keep you stable when standing on the foot pegs.

The primary difference between Offroad Boots and basic riding shoes is the level of protection on offer. These boots will often include thermoplastic plating along most of the boot with additional reinforcement in the ankle, heel, shin, and toes. To further protect your ankles, these boots also feature systems to prevent you from hyperextending your ankles. While this does make it more difficult to walk in these boots, this is an indispensable safety feature for off road riders. In comparison, an average touring boot will only offer internal reinforcement in the ankle, toe, and heel.

The sole and other features of Cross Boots will also differ greatly to most other boots. Off road soles are built to a more heavy-duty standard. This means that they are thicker and will include reinforcement that will make it easier to stand on the foot pegs. An additional feature is that these boots will often also feature waterproof liners, though this will vary from boot to boot.

Off Road Boots are purpose built to be able to take anything the trail may throw at you. And, when you’re riding in less easily accessible locations, this higher level of protection can make a huge difference in turning a serious injury into something minor.

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