Gore-Tex Gloves

GoreTex Gloves are the gold standard when it comes to cold weather high end touring motorcycle gloves. These gloves offer the best level of waterproofing available while also still keeping your hands safe from the road. Though there are a wealth of waterproof gloves available on the market, Gore-Tex waterproof membranes offer the best balance of waterproofing and breathability.

Gore-Tex Gloves are waterproof thanks to the membrane that is integrated between the outer shell and the inner liner. The fibers of the membrane have small holes that prevent water from coming in while still allowing air and sweat to wick away.

For material, Gore-Tex Motorcycle Gloves are usually made of textile or leather. Textile Gloves are usually made of high-tenacity polyester or polyamide fabric for a light weight and abrasion resistance. However, for added safety, textile Gore-Tex gloves often include leather reinforcement in the palm. Leather Gore-Tex Gloves offer a higher level of abrasion resistance than textile gloves, and even better temperature control. These gloves are usually made of goat leather, which is abrasion resistant and supple making it one of the most common materials used in motorcycle gloves.

For road safety, these gloves usually include a hard knuckle with leather reinforcements in the palm and on the fingers.

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