Gore-Tex Pants

Gore-Tex Pants may usually be seen as a subset of Waterproof Riding Pants, but this would be a gross underestimation of how well these pants protect their wearer from the weather. Though these pants generally come at a higher price, no other manufacturer has been able to match the waterproofing abilities of Gore-Tex. This makes these pants ideal for touring, off road, and commuter riders looking for the best protection possible.

Gore-Tex (and other waterproof) pants work through a fairly simple principle. The waterproof membrane, integrated into the pants themselves, is composed of closely placed fibers that prevent water from entering. However, these gaps that are left are still large enough to allow sweat and air to escape, since they are smaller than water drops. Though other waterproof pants work through the same principle, Gore-Tex Pants are able to do this best.

Besides their waterproofing, Gore-Tex Trousers will offer the same level of protection from the road as other textile motorcycle pants. This means that the outer shell will generally be made of some form of polyester or polyamide yarn for abrasion resistance. The knees will come with hard protectors, while the hips will only sometimes come with additional protectors.

GoreTex Pants may also come with extra features such as adjustability in the hip and cuffs, pockets, and a pants to jacket connecting zipper. However, these will vary by model.

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