Full-Face Helmets are the most common type of motorcycle helmets. They have the strongest structure, since they are made from a single form and there is no flip-up mechanism like with Modular Helmets. If you are planning on doing any motorcycle racing, then this is also the category for you, since you will need a Racing Helmet. If you’re also concerned about safety, they offer the most protection as they cover your entire head. There are certain criteria that you can keep in mind when considering a certain full-face helmet.

  1. Budget: Obviously, this will determine many specs and benefits that a helmet offers. If you are still a beginner there is no need to buy a very high-end full Carbon helmet. A cheaper Polycarbonate full-face will offer as much protection but will come with a little more weight. Quality has a price, but in general any helmet produced by the top brands will offer you great protection.
  2. Use: Another important factor is how you will use your full-face helmet. Are you a Sunday rider, then do you really need all those high-end specs? Or do you just need good protection? Are you planning to go for longer trips? Then invest in a good helmet that is not only safe but comfortable as well.
  3. Features: What features are important for you? For example, do you need an integrated sun-visor, or maybe you prefer having a very comfortable liner, or both?
  4. Isolation: How well does it keep the wind (noise) out? If you are a commuter, you might want to consider good noise insulation, so the wind noise won’t be as bad, and you can enjoy listening to your favorite music while riding.
  5. Weight & Material: Weight plays an important role in how comfortable it is to go for longer rides. While full-face helmets are generally also lighter than Modular helmets, weight is still greatly affected by the material. In order from lightest to heaviest, most helmets are made of carbon, fiberglass (composite), and polycarbonate. All three provide good protection but nothing beats a super light-weight helmet.

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