Leather Boots

Leather Motorcycle Boots have been a classic staple for a long time now. With their high abrasion resistance, comfort, and classic look, these boots can be found in categories ranging from sports riding to touring. Even across these categories, there are also substantial differences in construction, type of leather, features, and more.

Depending on their intended application, leather motorcycle boots come in a wide variety of outer shells. Leather boots intended for more extreme applications such as adventure, race, or off-road riding use microfiber leather. This leather has been specially treated to enhance its abrasion, water, and tear resistance. Other more everyday touring or Casual Boots use cowhide leather.

The category of cowhide Leather Boots is further subdivided into full grain, nubuck, and suede leather. Full grain leather is the strongest since it has not received any treatment that affects its structural integrity. Nubuck cow leather is slightly weaker since it has been lightly abraded on the exterior side of the leather. Lastly, suede will offer the least protection since it has been abraded on the interior side of the leather, which is weaker than the outside.

Since leather boots span such a wide range of riding categories, it’s important to keep in mind what features will be best for the riding you plan on doing. For example, racing boots will focus much more on protection over comfort since they will have additional features like toe sliders and ankle distortion control systems. Touring leather boots will focus more on comfort and weatherproofing.

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