Leather Motorcycle Gloves

Leather Motorcycle Gloves are amongst the most popular type used by motorcycle riders. This is a crucial piece of protective gear since your hands will often be the first point of contact with the road as you put them out to break your fall.

Finding the right type of leather gloves should be your priority after finding a helmet and jacket. You want to make sure that not only the price is right, but that the gloves will be comfortable and offer enough flexibility to let you operate the bike.

Motorcycle gloves will also come in a variety of materials and styles according to what type of bike you ride. Generally, gloves are made of a mix of leathers to provide the best level of abrasion resistance. The best gloves are made from kangaroo or Pittard’s leather, while more average gloves are made of cowhide or goat leather. Generally, leather gloves are not very breathable, but manufacturers will often add perforations or small vents to allow air into the gloves.

Depending on their intended use, leather gloves will offer a wide range in protective capability. Racing gloves will offer the most with TPU, carbon, or titanium knuckle guards, finger protectors, palm reinforcement, and additional wrist protectors. However, some casual gloves will only feature a TPU hard knuckle.

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