Summer Gloves

When riding in the summer, the two things that will top most people’s lists for gloves are ventilation and safety. Since this is when the greatest number of people usually ride, Summer Motorcycle Gloves will offer a wide range of options meant to fit almost all rider styles.

 Summer Gloves, whether they are short or long, are usually going to focus a lot on ventilation. So, leather summer gloves usually use a mix of perforations in the fingers and ventilating mesh inserts along the back of the hand to allow air into the glove. Nonetheless, textile motorcycle gloves will still offer more ventilation thanks to their greater level of breathability. Though this does come at the cost of safety, since leather is still more abrasion resistant.

Depending on the riding category, Summer Riding Gloves will come with varying levels of protection. Racing gloves will offer the most hard protection thanks to palm sliders, hard knuckles, and finger protectors for the maximum level of abrasion resistance and impact protection. For extra safety, these gloves’ outer shell is always made of leather, which is usually either from a goat or a kangaroo. Touring and urban gloves offer slightly less protection and, though they are usually made of leather, they will usually only include a knuckle protector.

When looking at gloves intended for touring, adventure, and off-road riding, it is also important to look at what features the glove comes with. In these categories, it’s important to consider how to balance waterproofing with ventilation to ensure your hands stay as comfortable as possible.

Lastly, it is also useful to consider what features will be useful on your ride. For example, whether it is worth choosing for the extra convenience of a visor wiper or a phone friendly fingertip.

If you’d like to learn more about the different types of summer gloves available, make sure to head to our YouTube channel where we review the latest gloves and motorcycle gear.

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