Summer Jackets

Summer Jackets are an important piece of equipment for anyone looking to ride during hot weather. Though these jackets come in a wide range of styles, the one thing they all have in common is a high level of ventilation. And, in addition to this, they also come with the same levels of safety as one would expect from a piece of motorcycle equipment.

Though Summer Riding Jackets are made from a variety of materials, they can be subdivided into two categories: textile and leather jackets. Textile summer jackets usually offer the best ventilation because they incorporate large ventilating mesh panels and are more breathable. However, these types of jackets are usually less abrasion resistant. In contrast, leather jackets are more abrasion resistant but are less breathable. Nonetheless, leather jackets offer textile ventilation inserts and perforations in the chest and back to allow more airflow.

Since Summer Motorcycle Jackets come in a wide variety of styles, the level of protection will also differ. For example, a racing or sports jacket will have a greater focus on abrasion resistance and high-speed impacts while an adventure jacket focuses more on tear resistant reinforcements. So, it is important to match the type of jacket to your riding style. Nonetheless, summer riding jackets usually come with a basic level of protection with CE level protectors in the shoulders and elbows.

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