Textile Boots

Textile Motorcycle Boots have become increasingly popular in the last few years thanks to their light weight, weather proofing options, and increasingly high abrasion resistance. Textile Boots are mainly found in the casual riding category in the form of riding shoes. Though textile riding shoes generally offer less safety, this sacrifice has been made in the name of comfort and style.

Textile Motorcycle Shoes are usually made of a variety of materials, and very rarely are they even made exclusively out of textile. Often, textile shoes use an outer shell made of a polyester or polyamide-based fabric or, if they are a more premium pair of shoes, Cordura. For added safety, these shoes usually include leather inserts in the toe, heel, and ankle for added abrasion resistance.

Thanks to their textile construction, these shoes will perform much better in a variety of weather conditions than leather boots. In the summer, textile boots will be much cooler thanks to their higher breathability. In comparison, during wetter and cooler weather, these boots also frequently come in waterproof versions that ensure your feet stay warm and dry.

Out of the box, Textile Riding Shoes will come with a certain basic level of safety. All boots will come with hard thermoplastic inserts in the ankle. Depending on the price of the boot, it may also come with additional hard protectors in the heel and the toe, which are also high impact areas.

Since textile motorcycle shoes are usually fastened using laces, it’s also important to keep in mind the impact this may have on safety. Though some shoes have solved this issue with Velcro straps that cover the laces.

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