Waterproof Jackets

No matter what the season may be, you can always expect a bit of rainfall at some point when you’re out riding. In this case, it’s always best to have a Waterproof Jacket by your side to help keep the weather from raining on your parade. With a variety of styles and constructions, these jackets will fit any bike and riding style easily while still also providing protection from the road.

Though waterproof jackets span multiple rider categories, most are usually made of textile, while more sport-oriented jackets are sometimes offered in leather. Generally, textile waterproof jackets are composed of high-quality polyester and a variety of proprietary materials that contribute to the jackets waterproofing and safety.

Depending on what price point you’re planning on going for, you’ll also see a wide range in features with waterproof jackets. However, the most important question regarding waterproof jackets is whether they include removable waterproof liners or not. Jackets that don’t allow you to remove the waterproof liner will generally be more budget friendly, but this comes with the caveat that they will not be very breathable and can result in overheating in warmer weather. Thus, with a detachable waterproof liner you can be sure that you’re prepared for anything the weather can throw at you.

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