Waterproof Pants

Whether touring along the highways or commuting through the city streets, Waterproof Riding Pants are an important piece of gear to have on hand. Usually made of textile, these pants offer a great level of convenience while still offering the same level of safety as an ordinary pair of riding pants.

Waterproof Riding Trousers come in a wide variety of constructions and styles. Most of these pants are made of polyester or polyamide fabric, thanks to the flexibility and abrasion resistance this material provides. These types of pants can usually be found in 3 categories. First, are pants that have an integrated waterproof layer and are meant to be worn like an ordinary pair of riding pants like, for example, the Revit Tornado 3 Pants. Second, you may also find pants that look very similar to the previous category but have the crucial difference of being an overpant. So, you put these waterproof trousers over your everyday pair of pants, an example would be the Revit Enterprise 2 Trousers. Lastly, the final type of waterproof pants are simply a waterproof outer shell. These types of pants are meant to be worn over non waterproof motorcycle riding pants. The Dainese Rain Pants are an example of this final category.

Since riding pants with integrated waterproof membranes are meant to offer additional road protection, they will come with CE rated armor in the knees and will be prepared for hip protectors. Though some models may come with hip protectors as well. The level of waterproof protection may also vary according to what pants you are looking at.

Finally, not all Waterproof Pants are created equal. Most pairs of pants will use proprietary waterproof membranes, which will do a decent job while also keeping costs down. However, Gore-Tex Pants still have the best waterproof liner available.

If you’re curious to learn more about individual waterproof pants, don’t forget to check out our YouTube channel where we have plenty of Dainese, Revit, and Alpinestars gear reviews.

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