Winter Gloves

Winter Motorcycle Gloves are not only designed to keep your hands safe from the road but from the cold and wet weather as well. Winter gloves can usually be distinguished by their waterproof layers, insulation, and, often, they have a textile outer shell.

Most Winter Riding Gloves use a variety of waterproof membranes to help keep your hands dry and warm. Depending on the price, these can range from water resistant finishes, to proprietary waterproofing liners, such as Revit’s Hydratex, to a high-level Gore-Tex liner. So, depending on how much rain you expect, it’s best to keep in mind the limitations of each of these solutions. For example, water resistant finishes wear away over time sooner than waterproof liners.

Most winter gloves use a textile outer shell, though some are still offered in leather. These Textile Gloves are usually made of high tenacity polyester or polyamide fabric, which ensure a good level of abrasion resistance. Often, these gloves are further reinforced with leather panels in the palm and fingers.

Since Winter Gloves are usually used most by touring and commuting riders, they will offer a decent level of protection from the road. The safest and most comfortable gloves for winter have a long cuff, since they can offer extra wrist protection. Additionally, depending on the model, it’s good to see how much safety the main part of the glove offers. For example, does the glove include a hard knuckle, finger inserts, or a palm slider? While the knuckle protector is standard, extra finger and palm inserts will make all the difference.

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