Winter Jackets

Winter Motorcycle Jackets are meant to be as rugged as possible to keep you safe from not only the road, but also the cold and the rain. These jackets frequently include multiple liners and a lot of features to enhance their fit and their comfort during colder riding seasons. Since usually only a smaller subset of riders continue to ride during the winter, these jackets are mainly focused on adventure, touring, and urban riders.

Since Winter Jackets need to be waterproof to be of any use during winter weather, they are generally made of high-performance textiles such as polyester or Cordura to ensure that the jackets are abrasion resistant. For additional protection, these jackets generally come with hard protection in the shoulders and elbows though the back protector does need to be purchased separately.

To make sure you can use the jacket in a wider variety of conditions, manufacturers usually include removable liners in the jackets. Some jackets will include removable waterproof liners, while others will integrate the waterproof membrane directly into the jacket itself. Nonetheless, almost all winter jackets will include some form of detachable thermal liner in either a vest or a long sleeve form to help keep you warm.

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