Women's Pants

Women’s Motorcycle Pants are always a good idea to wear while riding since not only do they protect you from road rash, but also will also offer some impact protection. With the same specs as Men’s Motorcycle Trousers, Ladies’ Motorcycle Pants come in a different size range and will have a slightly different fit.

Ladies Riding Pants come in a wide range of styles for different uses, and it is important to keep in mind what sort of riding you are planning on when looking at a pair of pants. Though the main categories are racing, touring, and urban or casual riding, the range of features easily allows these to be subdivided further. Racing pants are generally made of leather and have knee sliders. So, these pants offer the highest level of protection, and are a must for anyone hoping to ride on the track safely. Touring and casual pants are usually made of textile for a greater level of comfort, breathability, and (depending on the pants) waterproofing. However, casual pants generally come in more everyday styles such as jeans or chinos and will offer the least protection.

For protection, all pants will come with a basic set of features. These include CE protectors in the knees to help protect them in an impact. While all pants come with hip protector pockets, only some pants will actually come with these protectors. So, some pants will require that you make an additional purchase to get the maximum level of safety.

Womens Pants also come with a wide variety of features to match different weather conditions and preferences. For example, some pants will be waterproof while others will feature large ventilating mesh panels for more airflow. It’s always best to check out the product itself to see what it offers in terms of pockets and adjustability, since this will also allow you to fit the pants to your form better.

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